App Store Optimization

You’ve created an SEO campaign that’s producing website results for online search engines, but what about your app? Searchbloom can help your innovative app get noticed in GooglePlay and Apple AppStore with the help of app store optimization, also known as ASO.

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What is ASO

What Is ASO?

App store optimization services use the same basic principles as SEO. The process involves optimizing on-page content as well as analyzing reviews and ratings and the use of higher ranked keywords in order to organically increase the number of app downloads. Basically, it’s a strategy to increase search rankings to get your app noticed and downloaded by more users.

How Can This Service Help?

A professional app store optimization company has the ASO services and tools necessary to track what happens when users visit your app download link or discover why users aren’t finding it in the first place. Everything about your app affects how it shows up in search results. It’s important to carefully consider the words used in the title, description, and even the publisher name. In addition to strategic placement of keywords that are effective at bringing up your app in search results, you also need to choose an appropriately designed icon and select screenshots that pull the viewer in and demonstrate what your app is capable of. It is also vital that your app is listed in the correct category – a simple misstep here can make it almost impossible for users to find it.

Take your marketing to the next level

Why Hire Searchbloom?

Our team at Searchbloom is filled with designers, coders, geeks, and other professionals in marketing. We are capable of tracking various metrics that can tell us exactly how to naturally improve your app store search results and increase your downloads. If you’ve tried everything and still aren’t seeing the results you want, then our cutting-edge strategies may be the ticket you need. We will work with you as partners to achieve the results you want because we believe in building lasting relationships and that your success is our success.

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If you’re ready to expand your app store searches and downloads organically, it’s time to turn to an ASO company with experience and a proven track record in achieving optimal results.