Plastic Surgeon SEO Case Study

3200% Increase in Keywords Ranking in Top 3 Positions

About our Partner

Who They Are

Dr. Mustoe is a plastic surgeon in the Chicago area. His practice is committed to enhancing natural beauty through plastic surgery in an effort that ensures both balanced results and confidentiality for all his patients


What They Do

Their passion for surgical innovation has led the company to create a unique technique that reduces scarring and bruising during surgery while also speeding up recovery time, ensuring optimal results with minimal tissue injury under the knife.

The Problem

Before they partnered with Searchbloom, they were in a tough spot. The site's authority and relevancy had been declining for years, as well as low rankings for keywords on popular search engines like Google.

Their website was ranking well for a few queries but only had 4 keywords ranking on the first page. Additionally, their website was extremely slow and didn’t perform well on mobile devices.

Searchbloom is a search engine optimization (SEO) company that specializes in helping businesses improve their online visibility. They had heard good things about the company and decided that it was worth a shot. After working with Searchbloom, they were able to get their business back on track and finally start seeing results.

The Solution

After our initial analysis of their situation, the team at Searchbloom developed a three-tiered approach and designed a strategy that will help them with their Authority, Relevancy, and the Technology (A.R.T.) used to build their website.

Getting authority to a website is part of every SEO campaign. When this partner came to Searchbloom, they had very few links pointing to their website, which means they had very little authority. Searchbloom quickly began a custom outreach campaign to acquire links on behalf of our partner and over time developed over 100 unique referring domains. Here are a few things we look at before developing an outreach campaign:

  • Domain Quality
  • Link Type
  • Anchor Text
  • Industry relevance

The partner had a couple of higher-performing pages, but the overall relevance needed a lot of improvement in order to rank for target keywords. Our team fulfilled several items to help boost the relevance, including:

  • Keyword Research and Keyword Mapping
  • Competitive Keyword Analysis
  • Optimized Title Tags & Meta Descriptions
  • Updated Heading Tags
  • Internal Link Improvements
  • Improved the Relevance of their On-Page Content
  • Produced Blog Content for Their Internal Blog

The technology of the website was one of our primary focuses. To start, we implemented changes that resulted in improved site speed; this comes in the form of global elements optimization as well as page-specific elements.
Here are a few of the other areas we focused on:

  • Broken Elements
  • Cleaned up Code (issues with inline CSS)
  • XML Sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • Image Compression
  • Code Compression
  • URL & Silo Structure
  • Server Response Time
  • URL & Silo Structure
  • Google Search Console Optimization
  • Structured Data

The Results

3200% increase in keywords ranking in the top 3 positions from July 2019 to Aug 2020.
3225% increase in keywords ranking in positions 4-10 from July 2019 to Aug 2020.

Organic Keywords July 2019 Sept 2019 Dec 2019 Feb 2020 April 2020 Aug 2020 % Increased
#1-3 3 6 33 51 79 99 3200%
#4-10 4 13 29 56 91 133 3225%
#11-1000 33 221 984 1484 1972 2145 6400%
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