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Inbound Marketing makes clients look for you
A company’s marketing department is often hard at work finding new and creative ways to build a consumer base and maintain existing customers. In a majority of industries marketing is one of the most costly activities when it comes to basic company operations. Often it involves extensive resources to find and hire exceptional marketing personnel, put said employees through adequate training, and have funds to spare for actual advertising projects. Resources are also needed to mobilize the campaign to design, plan, and launch actual displays, presentations, and media.

Now, imagine being able to market the most important information, objectives, and material to your customers in a way that allows them to explore it themselves. This process is called inbound marketing and takes place when consumers are drawn into a media platform and find it informative and helpful. As a result, they seek the service or product a company is providing and become a customer. Essentially, the advertising aspect took care of itself as customers came to the company rather than the company going to the customer.

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Inbound Marketing Agency

Here at Searchbloom we aim to provide all of our clients with dependable services directed at providing companies with effective techniques to build website traffic and attract new customers. As a professional inbound marketing agency our services include:

Search Engine Optimization:

using company unique keywords to attract clientele

Website Development:

developing and designing navigational platforms that are informative and current

Pay per Click Techniques:

effective monitoring and maintenance of various social media outlets

Social Media Management:

developing and designing navigational platforms that are informative and current

Inbound Marketing attracts clients to you

Understanding the Process

Our method for building informative and intriguing content involves a well-rounded process from start to finish. We begin by working with you to determine which information is going to draw the most attention to your company. Your brand image and certain media used in conjunction with compelling content can create material that will set your business apart from competitors and other companies in the industry. We work closely with your company personnel to design each element and to present it in such a way that potential customers will efficiently find what they are looking for, be able to access product or service information, and quickly place orders or locate contact information. Finally, our full circle process involves active maintenance and regular updates to ensure content remains relevant, changes consistently with industry changes, and stays current with changing trends, consumer interests, and markets.

Inbound Marketing makes your clients target you

What Consumers Look For

Perhaps the most effective way to create solid inbound marketing content is to be confident you know what consumers are looking for. Customers of any product or service seek specific characteristics when browsing company web information and will quickly discard websites that are simply not up to par. In your efforts to gain traffic and be a regularly used website, here are some of the most common and important characteristics that your content should be:

  • Readable: Customers can read right through verbose statements that are full of fluff and lack credibility. Additionally, content that is ridden with terms or statements that are too industry specific can be difficult to understand and make sense of. The best content is readable in that it gets your message across quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Shareable: As more consumers take to the virtual world, many want the freedom of being able to share great information, products, and services with family and friends. Designing your content to be sharable is an excellent way to gain traction and promote inbound curiosity.
  • Functional: There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use a website that doesn’t link correctly, has little to no information, or is regularly under revision. To effectively draw attention to your product or service, your website should be working consistently and delivering promised content and links so customers can easily navigate the platform.
  • Relevant: Have you ever found a promising website only to find out everything is outdated? One of the most important things your company can do to keep this from happening to your customers is to regularly monitor and make changes to keep content relevant, current, and up-to-date with industry changes.

Take your marketing to the next level

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