Cody Jensen
Founder & CEO

Cody Jensen grew up in small town just north of Salt Lake City, UT. He is the oldest of three siblings and is in every sense a true family man. He attended Fremont high school where he excelled in Golf, He still maintains a 3 handicap. After graduating high school; he attended the Woodbury School of Business where his true passion for technology was conceived. After school, he joined forces with the search giant Google as an intern and he fell in love with search engine marketing and Google Analytics. He worked there for two years before crawling up the corporate chain with some of the largest digital marketing firms in the country. He always says, "If we focus on our clients growth, our growth will naturally follow."

Michael Steenson

Michael started his career working in marketing in the real estate sector after getting his degree in Communications. His road to entrepreneurship started early as after helping brand multiple real estate net branches. Michael then moved into a partnership in the commercial finance space, where he learned the ins and outs of corporate finance and credit. After cutting his teeth building partner and affiliate revenue channels, Michael discovered his passion for developing revenue channels between affinity groups. He firmly believes that 2 heads are better than one, and likewise 2 teams are better than one, which is one of the reasons why he excels in business development. Michael was the founding partner in several financial and credit automation start ups which were later acquired.

After a traveling the country and learning jiu jitsu, Michael joined friend and colleague Cody Jensen in the vision that would later become Searchbloom, driving the partner and strategy channels for this unique company.

When asked about his partner, Michael said: "Cody is one of the very best in the country in this field. He is a former Google guy and he has an intuitive grip on how search engines work. It is scary how technical and good he is, I know he holds back sometimes with information because he doesn't want to overwhelm me. Being able to provide this level of quality and execution to small/medium sized businesses is a rare opportunity."

Jordan Conner
Vice President

Jordan Conner started honing his business acumen and client relation skills at an early age. He became one of the youngest commodities brokers in the United States - managing and trading multi-million dollar portfolios at the age of 18. From there he started working at the executive level for many well known companies. His entrepreneurial spirit and marketing knowledge finally brought him to Searchbloom, where he serves as Vice President. If you ask Jordan what he is really good at he will tell you without hesitation, "Fly-Fishing".