Your kitchen’s cabinetry is key to making your kitchen the inviting gathering place you want it to be. Dewils builds custom kitchen cabinets that not only look beautiful, but function just as well as they look.


DeWils came to Searchbloom with an outdated website that not only needed an aesthetic update, but also needed the website to respond to tablet and mobile devices. The also received very little traffic to the site, primarily because they were only on the first page of Google for branded terms like “dewils” or “dewils cabinets”.

Solution: National SEO

First thing first, we updated their website and added a unique style and flair so as to increase conversion rates. We also made their website responsive so it would work well on all devices including mobile.  After that, we wrote 15 pages of new, unique, and relevant content so that we could target new keywords that are searched often. We of course made sure to optimize title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, and alt descriptions so Google knew what DeWils was all about.  Check out what the client said.

Then Searchbloom did what no one else can do. We got them in the Washington post, and created many other highly relevant and authoritative links so as to increase trust of the client’s domain.


Rankings increased so much, and traffic was so high that we had to increase bandwidth allocation on their server!! Now the client ranks on page 1 for over 60 keywords, including terms like “custom kitchen cabinets” “fine cabinetry” “contemporary cabinets” and so many more. Take a look at the latest ranking report below: