6 Steps to More Mobile Conversions
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6 Steps to More Mobile Conversions

6 Steps to More Mobile Conversions

You want to get the most out of your mobile visitors and this means getting the conversion. For non-ecommerce sites, this generally means a phone call or completed inquiry form. For ecommerce sites it could be the phone call or completed form but also that coveted completed purchase. How can you increase all of these?

Let the following tips help you crack the code on mobile site conversions:

  • Just the Facts, Jack

From content to images to navigation, adopting the KISS method is best when it comes to mobile devices. Give enough content for people to make decisions with but not enough to force them to weigh multiple options or ask new questions. Increasing the amount of time from initial contact to conversion will increase the chances that they will click off.

Minimizing the number of images will keep your page loading times reasonable, another important factor for mobile users. Simplified navigation allows your buttons to be larger, thereby reducing the possibility that the wrong item will get selected because it is so small and close to the desired one.

  • Allow Multi-device Conversions

It’s a well-known fact that many people like to browse on mobile devices but complete transactions on desktop or laptop computers. This gives them the chance to consult with a partner and also lets them use a larger keyboard and interface for completing a transaction. Provide these folks with an easy-to-find and easy-to-use option for emailing their shopping cart to themselves for later retrieval on another device.

  • Let them Talk

Up the visibility of your click-to-call buttons. Offline conversions that begin on a mobile device are—and should be—a healthy percentage of your overall total. The easier you make this to happen, the better for you in the end.

  • Make Registration Optional

Never, ever force a mobile customer to create an account or register with you before they can complete a purchase. Take this approach and you will guarantee an increased bounce rate, including with abandoned carts.

  • Accommodate Fat Thumbs at Checkout

Entering a credit card number on a smartphone screen can be cumbersome even for hand models, let alone the rest of us. Use the simple embed code <input type=’tel’> on your checkout form for the credit card number box. This will auto populate a telephone number keypad instead of a standard typewriter keyboard. The larger numbers will make it much easier for people to correctly enter their card data—the first time. This, in turn, will facilitate more completed transactions.

  • Offer Alternate Pay Options

Some people enjoy the ability to use PayPal, Amazon Payments or other methods of paying for their purchases as it can speed up the process for them. It also may simply be a preference for simplicity’s sake. No matter the reason, offering this will broaden your potential conversion pool.

In general, a great rule of thumb when looking for ways to move more mobile visitors along through to conversion is to find ways to make the process faster and easier. Adding in the right options—those designed to accommodate the different ways people like to shop or convert, such as click to call or email a shopping cart—are also important as they enhance a visitor’s ability to become a customer. Too much product or ancillary detail, on the other hand, takes away from that ability. Find the happy medium and you will be happy too.

About the Author

Jordan Conner started honing his business acumen and client relation skills at an early age. He became one of the youngest commodities brokers in the United States - managing and trading multi-million dollar portfolios at the age of 18. From there he started working at the executive level for many well known companies. His entrepreneurial spirit and marketing knowledge finally brought him to Searchbloom, where he serves as Vice President. If you ask Jordan what he is really good at he will tell you without hesitation, "Fly-Fishing".

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