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SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. Ranking well in the SERP is one of the top priorities for any Local SEO campaign — but when you’re running a campaign from the other side of the country, it can be difficult to see a 100% accurate depiction of another locale’s Local Pack. That’s what Searchbloom’s Local Search Results Tool aims to fix.

The process is simple:

Start by inputting the query you need to research in the SERP checker. For instance, if your client is a tailor in Lower Manhattan, you could put “tailor”. Then select your region (United States in this example) and the Search Location (Lower Manhattan).

The results appear in a new tab on your web browser, and you can see an accurate, up-to-date depiction of the local SERP for your query.

Anyone looking to have people find their business locally can benefit from Searchbloom’s Local SERP Checker — but a few use cases are obvious.

First, this tool is essential for SEO’s who run local campaigns from remote locations or through an agency. You can see a clear picture of how your campaigns are doing from the viewpoint of an end user.

Another great use case here is for multi-location businesses who are aiming to capture better rankings across all their locations. You can also see how your business ranks for certain keywords in neighboring areas (for instance, the tailor example we used early could see how they rank for the East Village, Soho, Tribeca, and other neighborhoods in the area.)

This SERP checker gives you insight on how to further optimize your website and Google Business Profile, and hopefully lead to better rankings in the SERPs and the Local Map Pack.

When you search keywords on Google, it takes into account where you are physically located. Based on your geographic location, Google will display different results in a different order. A local SERP in Madison Wisconsin will return different results for the keyword “Italian restaurant” than a local SERP in Jacksonville Florida.

Using a local SERP checker tool like this will allow you to see the SERP as if you were searching for your keyword in a different physical location. This is useful for seeing rankings that a specific target audience will see in their search results, allowing you to better understand the search landscape. This way, you don’t have to call up your friend in Baltimore and ask him to search a keyword on his computer and tell you what he sees – quite the hassle.

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