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Use our structured data generators to create JSON-LD & Microdata markups to help Google understand your site.

Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD)

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Schema markup is code designed to help you provide more information about your website to search engines, and thus your end user. This has enormous potential to help attract users to your site, but it’s estimated that only 17% of websites actively use schema markup.

That’s where a schema markup generator is useful. If you were to attempt to create schema manually, you’d spend hours per page — and may not even get it 100% right. With Searchbloom’s schema markup generator, you can do it in seconds.

Use this tool to create schema structured data for website pages, job postings, local business elements, your products, events, or people in your business.

Our tool will automatically generate the code you need to add to your website’s CMS or source code. You can even check the code using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool with one click.

There are hundreds of types of markups, so almost everyone can use schema on their website. If you have data of any kind, an online store, or articles that you’ve published, you can (and should) use Searchbloom’s Schema Markup Generator.

Websites that use schema markup correctly often rank better in SERPs than competitors who fail to use it. While it’s not a direct ranking factor, studies show that high-ranking websites tend to have schema markup correctly employed on their site — which weighs heavily in its favor. At the very least, it can give your website a competitive edge by enabling search engines to correctly interpret the data on your site.

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