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0 combinations possible
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You may be thinking, “Wait, how is the Keyword Mixer tool different from the Keyword Wrapper tool?”

To the uninitiated eye, the two will feel very similar. But there are definitely differences, though you can use the two in conjunction. In fact, you can start with the Keyword Mixer tool and use the information to plug in keywords for the Wrapper tool.

Here’s how it works:

  • Work your way from left to right. We suggest Location, Modifier, and Noun, but you don’t have to follow the example; feel free to mix and match however you want.
  • Pop in your chosen keywords into separate “lists”
  • Select the kinds of options you want
    • Broad match: denoted by “space”
    • Modified broad match: denoted by the “+” sign
    • Phrase: wrapping the KWs in quotes “ ”
    • Exact match: wrapping the KWs in square brackets [ ]
  • Hit “Merge” to get a full set of combinations you can then plug in directly into your AdWords campaign. You can also use a few new permutations in your Keyword Wrapper tool exercise
  • Changes are reflected in the “Short List”. If you like the list, hit the “Save Keywords ->” button to push them over to the “Long List”. Duplicates are also removed for you.
  • Repeat step 2 until you’re ready to export the long list to a csv file.


The Keyword Mixer tool can help you place AdWords ads in a more targeted way, using organic phrases.

Note: This version of our online keyword mixer is a tool we’re always improving, so please let us know if you have any suggestions to enhance your search!

You can also use our previous version of the Keyword Mixer tool here.

As you can see, a Keyword Mixer tool (or keyword generator) has a broad range of applications. Yes, you can certainly use it to tighten up your Google AdWords campaigns without trying to merge the sheer number of combinations manually.

However, the Keyword Mixer tool is also a fantastic place for inspiration. Beyond AdWords campaign managers, SEO experts and content writers will also use a Keyword Mixer tool to gain insight into all the possibilities for their chosen search terms.

Even if they’re not sure what their audiences are searching for precisely, the Keyword Mixer tool can give them ideas to get more specific. Using these lists, a content writer or SEO specialist can build and generate “long tail keywords,” which are proven to result in high amounts of organic traffic.

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