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Google Ads produce 50% more conversions than organic search results.

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A smartphone with the Google Ads logo on-screen while on top of a silver laptop keyboard.Google Ads (previously named Google AdWords) is a tremendous way for your business and its website to reach more customers than ever. However, setting up and keeping track of a Google Ads account requires a significant investment of time and resources, especially if you want top-notch results.

No need to worry, though. Your business can still take full advantage of Google’s digital advertising platform with help from Searchbloom’s team of experts in Google Ads management.

Work with us, and you’ll have a dedicated account manager setting up, monitoring, and optimizing your ad campaigns to produce immense results. Discover what Searchbloom’s Google Ads Management team has in store.

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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a platform for online advertising that allows you to display ads for your business across Google’s search engine results pages and its affiliate websites and apps. This provides you with access to a vast audience of potential customers that Searchbloom can help you effectively reach.

It often uses a pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model, meaning you only pay each time a user clicks one of your ads. This makes it incredibly cost-effective compared to other traditional forms of advertising. You may also be able to use other campaign types, such as paying for impressions or conversions if that is what works best for your business.

On top of that, Google Ads provides an array of ad campaigns and targeting options. This allows you to advertise your business in the way that best suits your goals and style to reach your ideal customers according to their interests, location, demographics, and much more.

Google Ads is a powerful tool. Moreover, with help from experts in paid advertising, like those at Searchbloom, you can enjoy most of the platform’s many benefits as your business thrives.

How Expert Google Ads Management Benefits Your Business

When you want the best results and the most out of your Google Ads campaigns, working with a team of seasoned professionals in Google Ads management services can make an enormous difference. Here are just some of the key impacts your website and business can benefit from when working with Google Ads experts from Searchbloom:

Produce immense traffic

A well-crafted Google Ads account with optimized campaigns can ensure your business taps into immense traffic sources for your website. On top of that, working with a seasoned Google ads management team can make sure all that web and mobile traffic is made up of customers from your targeted audience — the ones who are most likely to become a lead or conversion for your business.

Custom strategy

Collaborate with our Google Ads management service team, and we will develop a customized strategy tailored to your business’s specific goals and objectives. Our experts will conduct thorough keyword research, competitor analysis, and audience targeting to ensure your campaigns are optimized for success.

Maximize ROI

Using our expertise in Google Ad campaign optimization, budget management, and targeting, your business can achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) than your original advertising spend. We ensure this with our Google Ad account managers monitoring, testing, and adjusting your campaigns to improve their performance, driving more leads and conversions at a lower cost.

Stay Focused

Managing Google Ads campaigns can be time-consuming and complex, requiring ongoing monitoring, optimization, and analysis. Outsourcing this task to a dedicated Google Ads management agency can save valuable time and resources that you can then use to focus on what matters most — keeping your business running and growing.

The Types of Google Ad Campaigns To Choose From:

Google Ads offers a vast assortment of ad campaign types to choose from. Each one is displayed in different places and forms throughout Google's search engine and its affiliated platforms. Some examples of Google Ads our experts will create for you include:

Search Ads – These ads appear in Google’s search engine results as simple titles and descriptions of significant pages on your site. In some cases, we may use dynamic search ads that automatically target users based on your site’s content.
Shopping Ads – Highly useful for product-based businesses. These ads appear on Google Shopping Search pages showing the picture, name, price, brand, and review score of a product your business sells online, linking directly to your site’s product page for users to access.
Display Ads – These are simple graphic and text ads on the Google Display Network (GDS), a massive network of affiliated websites, apps, and videos. These can help you easily draw traffic from several digital channels.

Video/YouTube Ads – Short-form video ads displayed on Google and YouTube allow you to build your business’s online visibility quickly and easily. In addition, a well-crafted video ad can boost your traffic and revenue at a fraction of the cost.
Performance Max – A difficult campaign type to handle, but one Searchbloom experts are experienced with. These ad campaigns are meant to maximize campaign performance across multiple channels, boosting your ad’s reach and results to the max.

Our Google Ads Management Services

A screen showing the Google Ads banner above a window that shows the first step to creating an Google ads campaign.

With a team of seasoned Google Ads and paid advertising experts, Searchbloom is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Whether you want to increase brand visibility, generate qualified leads, or boost online sales, our comprehensive Google Ads management services are tailored to meet your unique business objectives. Here are some of the key services we provide when assisting you with creating or managing your existing Google Ads account:

Elevate your paid advertising campaigns with expert Google ads management

Let Searchbloom’s PPC and digital advertising experts help you set up or raise your ad campaign and drive your business to new heights. Start today by signing up for our free market analysis.

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They have a strong team that gets things done and moves quickly.
The website helped the company change business models and generated more traffic. SearchBloom went above and beyond by creating extra content to help drive traffic to the site. They are strong communicators and give creative alternative solutions to problems.
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They have a strong team that gets things done and moves quickly.

The website helped the company change business models and generated more traffic. SearchBloom went above and beyond by creating extra content to help drive traffic to the site. They are strong communicators and give creative alternative solutions to problems.
Mackenzie Hill
Mackenzie HillFounder, Lumibloom