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Word count checker Tool

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April 29, 2020 2:00 pm

Love it!

Tim Schmidt
July 18, 2020 8:50 pm

This tool is very helpful. #Bookmarked

July 26, 2020 6:29 am


Mical Johnson
Mical Johnson
August 15, 2020 9:14 pm

Saved. simple and easy to use. thanks for making it.

Cody Jensen
Reply to  Mical Johnson
August 17, 2020 2:14 pm

Glad you like our webpage word count checker Mical!

Marcus Ford
Marcus Ford
August 22, 2020 7:40 am

Is there any way to count the total words of a full website instead of a single webpage?

Cody Jensen
Reply to  Marcus Ford
August 24, 2020 5:28 pm

Hey Marcus,

This tool doesn’t check the total word count for an entire website but there are a few tools out there where you can do that. First, you’ll have to get the word count per page and then sum all of the pages. Screaming Frog works for this.

Alex K P
Alex K P
September 13, 2020 5:56 pm

Simple and easy to use tool. Thanks


Branding Agency
Branding Agency
October 4, 2020 1:59 pm

The webpage word count checker is a tool that helps us a lot when it comes to analysing our competitors. With just one single click, we can get to know how many words they have written.

Like we took list of 5 competitors and used your tool to check the word count and analysed them. The work gets easier. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it.

Khu Sip
Khu Sip
October 7, 2020 4:59 pm

This bulk webpage wordcount checker provides the best tool for finding word counts of multiple URLs.. Loving it more and more.
Thumbs up..

November 4, 2020 1:26 pm

Exceptional tool! many thanks for sharing

Miguel gongora meza
Miguel gongora meza
November 8, 2020 3:58 pm

this bulk webpage word count tool is very helpful. It is always handy and reliable.

Bacheca Incontri
January 9, 2021 2:04 pm

Fantastic! Very accurate tool. Used it a couple of times and comparing with other available tools this one is by far the best. Great work

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