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You’ve heard the phrase, “Quality over quantity,” right?

Well, when it comes to maximizing all parts of SEO, quality is just as important as quantity.

You may already know that, over the years, Google’s search engine results have skewed in favor of high-value, actionable, and readable (by humans) content. So anyone who was using the old keyword-spam-and-jam technique to gain rankings had to re-think their SEO strategy fast.

In other words, quality content on webpages matters and Google rewards you for it! That’s as it should be.

However, quantity matters just as much. Part of catapulting your website, blog post, or content to the first and second pages of Google’s search results is to ensure that the amount of copy you’re writing is competitive.

Competitive with other top-performing, comparable pieces of content, that is.

So the Bulk Word Count Checker totally simplifies this part of your research process. It’s designed to help you learn about the specific word counts of the top 10-20 search URLs that are currently ranking for your chosen keyword.

The right Bulk Word Count Checker tool will run through each of these URLs and generate the word count of each. Searchbloom’s own Bulk Word Count Checker tool will also give you the average word count, so you have a clear limit of where to aim your content’s word count.

The Bulk Word Count Checker is pretty straightforward to use. You can just grab URLs and populate them one at a time, or you can use a .CSV file if you’re just an organization nut.

Here’s how it works:

  • Do a search for your keyword
  • Pop open the first 10 (up to 20) search results in new tabs
  • Grab the URLs of each and copy+paste each into the Word Count Checker tool — make sure to hit “Enter” after each entry so that there’s only one URL per line)
  • You can also upload a .CSV file with one link per cell in the spreadsheet
  • Hit the “Perform Check” button and you’re done!
  • You can then take a screenshot or export the results data into a new CSV

It’s a fantastic idea to bookmark this simple but powerful tool for later use. But pay attention to the insights you gain from each of the numbers.

Our Bulk Word Count Checker focuses on four metrics:

  • The total number of words (Word Count Total)
  • The corrected word count (which is Total Word Count minus all appearances of the Anchor Text Word, which is the keyword you searched for)
  • The total number of times the main keyword appeared (Anchor Text Words)
  • The above number as a percentage of the total word count (Anchor Percentage).

The results in the Anchor Percentage column might end up subverting some of your expectations. For example, the Word Stream URL only features the main keyword in 11% of the total word count. However, it’s also the top result.

In contrast, Moz’s URL features the anchor keyword more than twice that amount. It also has a smaller total word count. These metrics may point to some compelling insights as to why it occupies the third position in search results, not the first, and what Google’s search results for a keyword is looking for in its “ideal” or “top” piece of content.

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