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In 2023, 700 million customers will have visited a Shopify store.

Search Engine Optimization for Shopify Websites

Shopify is among the biggest Ecommerce platforms, with over a million Shopify store sites in the US alone. With its simple, quick design interface and numerous plug-ins, it’s no wonder why you would choose it as the platform for your Ecommerce business.

To ensure it achieves a stable rate of growth and excellent sales revenue, your online store will need top-notch Shopify SEO that boosts its rankings on search engines and outpaces your competitors.

Searchbloom provides an array of essential SEO services for Shopify that will produce positive results and returns for your business, including more targeted traffic to your site, with high-intent to purchase, and, thus, greater revenue.

As Shopify SEO experts, we can tailor our strategy to fit your brand's distinct style while fulfilling your site's needs.

How Shopify SEO Services Work

While Shopify provides several built-in features to assist Ecommerce businesses with developing their site's SEO, many of them must rely on dedicated SEO experts who know how to optimize their website beyond what Shopify offers in order to drive traffic and increase conversions.

Our experts are knowledgeable in Shopify SEO best practices and implement changes to your site’s content, design, and technical infrastructure that will deeply impact its visibility on search engines. These changes will also ensure every collection and product page reaches the highest position in search engine ranking pages over time.

Searchbloom is a search engine marketing and SEO agency that has in-depth knowledge and experience in SEO for Shopify sites. Partner with us, and you’ll receive a range of services in content creation, technical SEO, web development, link building, and SEO strategy, all developed toward achieving success for your online store and your business as a whole.

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Our Ecommerce SEO Partners

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Our Shopify SEO Services

As a team of SEO experts, web developers, and content creators, we've developed a strong understanding of how to best provide SEO services for Shopify partners' websites and Ecommerce businesses.

We tailor our services to fit the needs of your Shopify site in order to create strategies with the greatest impact while remaining as efficient as possible. Our specialized Shopify SEO services include:

Thorough SEO Auditing

Whether through our free marketing plan offerings or before setting up our first meeting as your partners, our team will conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your Shopify site.

We will search for any areas of improvement that could positively influence your Shopify site’s visibility to search engines.

We will also scan for design, content, and performance issues that could be affecting the rate of organic traffic and conversions.

By the end, your company will have a surefire list of ways to improve your Shopify platform, which we can help with through our many top-rated SEO services.

Keyword Research

A crucial part of the service we provide when developing a Shopify SEO strategy for you, we conduct intensive keyword research to boost your site’s search engine rankings.

Utilizing a variety of analytics tools, we find keywords that are relevant to your brand and Shopify website.

Shopify Page Optimizations

Through our expertise in SEO for Shopify, we will optimize your site’s collection pages and product pages so each of them achieves high rankings in search results pages. We use off-page and on-page SEO practices that involve a mixture of different strategies to ensure your Shopify site meets and exceeds every standard compared to your competitors’ Ecommerce sites.

Content Creation

Our in-house team of content marketing experts will help optimize your Shopify site’s content so that it includes the best relevant keywords for your products or services.

They will also create new, engaging pieces of content to inform and attract potential customers to make a purchase. For your Ecommerce site, our content team will produce:

  • Product descriptions
  • Collection page content
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Webpage and blog content
  • Headings and Titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt-Image Text

These are just a few content elements that our content marketing team will optimize and create for your Shopify site. We consider numerous ways to approach content production so that your Shopify SEO campaign is tailored to your brand’s unique voice and style.

Link Building

One of the most important off-page SEO techniques used today is link building, also known as “link acquisition.”

This practice involves obtaining backlinks to your Shopify website through high-quality websites with a sizable domain authority.

Through our multifaceted link-building strategy, your Shopify site will see incredible gains in website traffic over time as well as noticeably greater visibility online.

Technical SEO

Through their mastery of technical SEO, our team of expert web developers will rid your site of duplicate content, slow page speed, and many other glitches your site may have that affect how your visitors interact with it.

We will also analyze and organize your site architecture, ensuring all internal links direct users to the right pages and are structured to be easily navigated by them and search engines’ web crawlers.

We also update your sitemap and robots.txt files to ensure your site stays visible to search engine bots. A technically optimized website receives greater online visibility from Google’s algorithm and other search engines.

Shopify SEO Strategies

On top of our numerous search engine optimization services tailored to partners that use Shopify for their business, Searchbloom also provides our award-winning expertise in developing SEO strategies.

As an experienced search engine marketing and SEO agency, we have a deep understanding of how search engines work and change over time, and we continuously stay up-to-date with the latest trends in Shopify and Ecommerce best practices.

We’re also a white-glove SEO services provider, so we tailor our entire approach towards the needs and desires of your business, as well as leverage unique practices for success on the Shopify platform.

We always maintain open communication with you and your team as we develop strategies, creating a collaborative and lasting relationship. Through transparent practices and results-driven Shopify SEO services, we seek to become the best Shopify SEO company in the industry.

What Our Shopify SEO Agency Can Do For You

What makes Searchbloom such a worthwhile investment is that we are an experienced Shopify SEO agency that has achieved tremendous results for many other Ecommerce partners.

By sticking to our commitment to only working with businesses we know we can provide returns to, we can ensure your businesses see notable results upon partnering with us.

Here are some of the ways our SEO services for Shopify partners can help elevate business for your Shopify store:

Improve Visibility to Search Engines

One of the most important ways to drive Ecommerce sales is by increasing your online storefront’s visibility to search engines as well as potential customers.

With our expert assistance, your Shopify store will be thoroughly optimized to rise high in search engine rankings under the most relevant keywords for your industry and product offering.

As each page of your Shopify site maintains a consistently high position in search results pages, users will be more likely to visit those pages, providing you with more traffic and potential increases in sales.

Optimize Category/Product Pages

Our experts will audit the pages that will improve your Shopify site’s performance the most, ensuring it has the most satisfying user experience possible.

Utilizing the platform’s built-in SEO features, we’ll also make sure to optimize key category and product pages to ensure higher rates of traffic and potential revenue. easier navigation for customers.

Organize Link Structure for Effortless Navigation and Link Equity Pass-through

Through our technical SEO and web development services, we can evaluate and optimize your site map, ensuring your website’s link structure is clearer and more direct.

This will make it easier for customers to reach the category and product pages they want to see, as well as help search engine crawlers index your site more efficiently.

Having a polished, well-organized site architecture with seamless page links means faster page speeds, lower crunch rates, and potentially greater conversions.

Enhance Site Speed & Performance

Our team can help improve your website’s performance, providing users with better site speeds and easier interactions with the most important elements of your website.

Our exhaustive tests and optimization efforts can ensure the most important pages of your Shopify website are easy for users to explore and interact with.

With a website that is well-optimized, your Ecommerce business is more likely to enjoy a sustained rate of visitor traffic and earnings from your online store.

Increase Visitor Traffic & Sale Revenue

Among the most important goals that can directly affect the success and growth of your business, Searchbloom seeks to use our Shopify SEO expertise to help you achieve an effective increase in traffic and sales.

Working with us means you now have a team of SEO experts who seek to grow with you, as we see ourselves as your partner. We’re invested in helping your Shopify Ecommerce site obtain and retain success for the long term. That is why we work to be the most trusted and transparent Shopify SEO company in the industry.

What is the difference between Shopify SEO & Ecommerce SEO?

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