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Searchbloom Named Top Digital Marketing Service Provider in the World

SEO Case Study: What We Did, Why We Did It, and Why It’s Award-Winning

Any day we can improve a client partner’s ROI is a good day – and we try to make every day a good day.

It’s one thing to say that. But it’s another thing altogether to accomplish it when the rubber hits the road.

With that said, 2018 has been a good year for Searchbloom.

Scratch that – it’s been a great year.

I want to share some of our recent successes – both globally and locally – and highlight our process with a short client partner highlight.

The Big One: Clutch Global Awards

If you’re not familiar with Clutch, they’re a worldwide B2B reviewing platform that tries to help businesses like yours avoid what I like to call “landmine partnerships.”

These are the companies that sell you the moon, then drop you off in the middle of a minefield full of disappointment as soon as the going gets tough.

Any direction you go from there is just going to be… wrong.

Searchbloom isn’t a landmine company.

The Searchbloom Promise is simple: We have made a commitment to ourselves and our partners that we will never bring on a new partner client unless we KNOW we can generate a ROI.

That saves you and us a ton of money and headaches.

And the results speak for themselves.

This year, Searchbloom is being featured for our local work by Clutch’s sister-site, The Manifest, as a top digital marketing agency in Salt Lake City.

Even more exciting is where we landed in Clutch’s global awards & reports: as a top SEO firm in 2018.

clutch top agency
And the good news doesn’t stop there. Our founder Cody featured as a top SEO consultant as well!

But you have to save the best for last.

Searchbloom is excited to announce our inclusion in the platform’s inaugural Clutch 1000 list. Which means we get this shiny swag:

the clutch 1000
And we’re damn proud of it.

Coming in at #185, Searchbloom was selected for this elite list of top B2B service providers thanks to our consistent ability to deliver top-of-the-line results and client experiences.

The results are in, and Searchbloom is happy with where we are – but that doesn’t mean we’re going to settle. You can expect even better results in 2019 and beyond!

Partner Highlight:

To show we’re not all talk, I want to pull some of the highlights for one of our client partners and show you a bit of what we did for them in 2018.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to is an eCommerce retailer that sells blank apparel. They have a massive selection of goods that features over 50 brands – which means there was a lot of work to be done when we started working with them.

Let’s take a look.

What Searchbloom Did

When we first partnered with, the first thing we wanted to work on was their URL structure.

If you’re not familiar, your URL structure is what tells Google, users, and other search engines where a page is on your site. It looks something like this:

seo friendly url structure

(Image Source)

It’s not uncommon for eCommerce sites to have a somewhat jumbled URL structure, especially if they’ve been around for years.

One of our specialties is unwinding confusing structures and helping search engine crawlers “see” your site more clearly.

That’s exactly what we did with

Alex Blaisdell, the Sr. SEO Analyst that worked with, broke it down like this:

“Our first goal was to cut out the fat and let trust flow from the top of the site to the bottom of the site. That meant getting rid of unnecessary categories that didn’t have much equity. We also moved branded pages close to the root, eliminated URLs that had query parameters, and added static pages for longtail keywords.”

This helps on a few fronts.

First of all, it increases the crawlability of their site. Google can understand what they offer and rank it accordingly.

It also helps them mirror their website’s navigation and silos, which are another essential SEO element.

Website Silo
(Image Source)

Both of these elements were why we started with a URL restructure.

But we didn’t stop there.

We also took the time to build high-value links through outreach efforts. This helps by creating more authority for the site, which pushes the site even higher on SERPs.

link building illustration
(Image Source)

And last but not least, we provided guidance on their product descriptions.

This helps to give an extra boost to the SEO of each page, and helps boost trust and equity on the site:

wireframe sample

Here’s a look at what their product pages looked like once we put all of these elements in place:

finished shirtspace page

It looks simple, but this is the result of months of work and collaboration. And the results were tremendous.

By July 2018, had seen a 71% rise in organic traffic, more than twice as many ranked pages, and 28 overall number one rankings.

seo case study shirtspace

The good news hasn’t stopped since. We’re already planning for 2019, and are optimistic that we can drive even more success in the coming year.

But now the real question:

What did Think of the Results?

Transparency and collaboration matter in a partnership, which is why we constantly look for feedback to see if our results are making a difference.

This is where we can circle back to Clutch, where (among other client partners) left a glowing review on our profile.

Here are the highlights:

shirtspace clutch review

So far, that means we’ve accomplished our mission.


Awards are cool, but we’re not going to sit around because we got one. We’re already looking ahead to find new goals that we can help our client partners achieve.

Avoid the landmines in 2019.

Hiring an SEO partner isn’t a fly-by-night experience, and it’s not something you want to half-ass.

You need the best of the best, and you need someone who is willing to be honest about their ability, track record, and what they can do for you.

Searchbloom does all of that, and we’ve got the awards, portfolio, and track record to prove it. Contact us and see how we can help you. You won’t regret it.

About the Author

Cody Jensen began his career with the corporate giant, Google Inc. He has been in Search Engine Marketing ever since, and has a specific acumen for paid advertising. As the Founder of Searchbloom, Cody leads the strategy and execution in providing world class digital marketing.

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