How to Boost Your Blogs’ Popularity
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How to Boost Your Blogs’ Popularity


How to Boost Your Blogs’ Popularity

No matter how esoteric your blog’s focus is, you can darn well bet there’s a whole host of other blogs on the same topic from which people can choose. Of course, you want people to read your blog, not those other blogs, right? Well, how do you make sure that happens?

The Great Blog Popularity Contest

Back in middle school, popularity was based on shallow things like how you dressed, what sports you played and who you hung out with. Fortunately (at least for me), you don’t have to be one of the cool kids for your blog to be wildly successful. Nope, you can play chess and don all the nerdy outfits you like and still have the #1 blog.

Here are some tips to get your blog to the top of the charts:

  • Speak in Plain English
    I say “speak” and not “write” here for a reason. In your blog, you should write like you talk. Even more important is to write like your readers might talk. Use normal, everyday words—jargon even, if it is appropriate for your audience. This makes your blog more accessible and engaging for readers. If someone has to get out the dictionary to decipher what you’re saying, you can be that (a) they won’t and (b) they won’t be back.
  • Be Reliable
    If you write one really great post that gets a lot of attention, don’t rest on your laurels. People will be looking for more great posts from you. Don’t make them guess as to when those will show up. Make a schedule and put up new blogs in a regular and timely fashion. People will come to know your cadence—and appreciate it. Miss even just one post and you’ve all but guaranteed yourself some lost readership.
  • Think About Others

Let’s face it—blogs can be downright fun to write. They give you a chance to pontificate about a topic in a way unlike any other medium. But, beware—do not let your blog become your personal preaching podium. There should be no reason for you to write anything other than it can help your reader. This can be done by educating them or by simply making them look at a topic in a fresh light. Either way, make no bones about it—your blog isn’t really yours at all.

Along with these things, you must make sure that your blog can be found. One of the best ways to do that today is to put yourself out there on as many channels as possible. Yes, that means get social. Use social media as well as your website and email marketing as ways of promoting your blog. People aren’t going to play detective to find your blog—there are too many other blogs out there for them to bother doing that with.

Now, do you want the real money tip of the day? In addition to using other vehicles to promote your blog, do the reverse. Remember, your blog isn’t your business but rather a way of promoting your business.

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Jordan Conner started honing his business acumen and client relation skills at an early age. He became one of the youngest commodities brokers in the United States - managing and trading multi-million dollar portfolios at the age of 18. From there he started working at the executive level for many well known companies. His entrepreneurial spirit and marketing knowledge finally brought him to Searchbloom, where he serves as Vice President. If you ask Jordan what he is really good at he will tell you without hesitation, "Fly-Fishing".

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