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About our Partner

Who They Are

1954: Dick Gilman opens up a hardware store in San Francisco and receives much success.
1970’s: Due to the changing needs of his clients, he switched gears and converted the store into a window and door screen company.
1980’s: He sold the business to Larry Lowenthal and this is when a true transformation began.
Larry had previous experience working with general contractors who were working on remodeling homes throughout San Francisco. He felt that he could provide a valuable service by offering kitchen and bathroom cabinets to the same contractors that were purchasing screens from him. It would save the contractors time, provide convenience, and ultimately establish the brand as a one-stop-shop for multiple services.
As word spread, Larry soon realized the need for a larger space so he moved the store to a larger prime location and hired qualified kitchen designers to further assist contractors and homeowners with their kitchen and bathroom remodels.

What They Do

Gilmans Kitchens and Baths is a design-build company offering semi-custom to full custom cabinetry services to homeowners, contractors, and independent designers. We have been in business for 30+ years and are proud to serve the San Francisco Bay Area.
They have four locations (San Francisco, San Rafael, San Mateo, and Mountain View), each one offering a beautiful showroom to showcase their work.

Why they came to Searchbloom:

  • They wanted to increase overall leads
  • They needed to bring down the cost per conversion
  • They were dealing with multiple competitors and wanted to stand out

The Problem

The primary problems with the PPC campaign for our partners included:

High competition

With hundreds of competitors in their areas, not to mention the big box stores, the competition level is a solid 10. Their budget didn’t allow for the impression share needed to really start to move their bottom line.

High costs

Their search campaign had click costs ranging everywhere from $10 to $175. Cost-per-conversion was through the roof with an average of $144 but some months were double, almost triple that, taking a huge chunk of profit out of each kitchen and bath service acquired from Google.

The Solution

Keyword Research and Retargeting

Utilizing our proven A.C.E. method (assets, control, experimentation), our solution started by finding out how we could circumvent high competition and cost:

Using custom-designed ad images and hand-picked landing pages, we were confident these ads would provide more than conversion data and give our partner the information to make data-based decisions.

There was no set it and forget it. We kept our fingers on the pulse of the remarketing campaign, making manual adjustments as we gathered more and more data.

Throughout the life of the campaign, we tweaked our ad creatives, finding the images and the content that sparked enough emotion in our audience to get the clicks through. We let our user-friendly and engaging website do the rest of the work.

*Remarketing Campaigns started around August. Before that, it was primarily Search Campaigns.

The Results

#1: Increased Conversions

Our hand-picked landing pages gave their clients a more direct conversion path and improved performance significantly.
After the holidays were over in 2018, the remarketing campaign paid off bringing back previous visitors and showing a conversion volume that was previously unheard of. January 2019 had 44 conversions compared to January of 2018’s 3 conversions, an increase of 1,366% more conversions. We saw a 270% increase in conversions from February 2018 at 7 conversions to February 2019 at 26 conversions.

Period Aug ‘18 Sept ‘18 Oct ‘18 Nov ‘18 Dec ‘18 Jan ‘19 Feb ‘19
Conversions 6 17 11 3 9 44 26
#2: Cost Per Conversion

GK&B was concerned about their cost per conversion. From January 2018 through July 2018, the campaign’s average cost per conversion was $186.54; the most expensive month, January, averaged $331.55 per conversion!
Jan 2018 – July 2018

Jan ‘18 Feb ‘18 Mar ‘18 Apr ‘18 May ‘18 Jun ‘18 July ‘18
Cost per Conversion 331.55 200.33 99.89 80.40 312.21 111.95 169.44

From August 2018 until February 2019, the average cost per conversion was just $113.08.
Aug 2018 – Feb 2019

Aug ‘18 Sep ‘18 Oct ‘18 Nov ‘18 Dec ‘18 Jan ‘19 Feb ‘19
Cost per Conversion 267.48 79.05 102.39 281.66 46.27 11.82 2.90

Through our optimizations (starting in August 2018), the average cost per conversion decreased by about 40%.

Average Cost per Conversion
Before Searchbloom
With Searchbloom

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