E-Commerce SEO Case Study:

Achieving #1 Results For The Most Essential Keywords

About our Partner

Who They Are

Our partner is a E-commerce company selling outdoor and survival gear such as cookware, tents, and fire-starting equipment. They were generating a good amount of traffic through organic and paid channels. However, they were not ranking in the top ten search results for many of their priority keywords.

Why they came to Searchbloom:

  • To achieve the number one position in the SERP for their highest-valued keywords
  • To increase revenue generated by organic search

The Problem

Our partner’s competitors were beating us with site authority. With a lower domain rating, it would be an uphill battle to outrank competitors.

Our partner lacked relevant content across their category and product pages, causing them to lose to competitors based on relevancy scores.

The Solution

Understanding our partner's goals and the improvements that needed to be made on their site, the Searchbloom team dove into the work with a clear and prioritized action plan.

The Searchbloom team used a three-tiered approach incorporating our methodology; Authority, Relevancy, and Technology (A.R.T.). In this case study, we will focus on authority and relevancy.

  • To build the authority needed to compete, Searchbloom employed several link acquisition tactics to help create a well-rounded and diverse backlink portfolio.
  • Most critically, we developed links using anchor text relevant to our partner’s target keyword, increasing their Off-Page Relevancy.
  • Our keyword research and competitive analysis found many URLs were close to ranking on the first page but lacked relevant titles, descriptions, and headings. As part of any SEO campaign, we crawled the website and began writing and implementing fresh titles, descriptions, and headings.
  • Our priority pages had thin content compared to the competitors beating us for the #1 spot. Searcbloom developed highly relevant and optimized content for our priority pages and implemented it in accordion containers to retain user experience.

The Results

After improving our partner’s authority, off and on-page relevancy, and implementing long-form content, we secured the #1 spot for their desired keywords.

Most notably, we were able to outrank websites like Amazon and Walmart for the #1 spot on the “Survival Gear” keyword. This keyword alone has 27,000 monthly visitors, resulting in a huge number of clicks for our partner.

Additionally, we were able to secure the #1 spot for “Survival Tools” (3100 Monthly Visitors) and “Survival Equipment” (1100 Monthly Visitors).

But what are keyword performance results worth? In this case, they represent a 32% increase in organic revenue generated. Earning our partner a clear ROI on their partnership with Searchbloom.

Metric Before Searchbloom With Searchbloom Difference
Keywords ranking 1-3 575 1293 77%
Keywords ranking 4-10 1227 2598 72%
Domain Rating 43 57 28.00%
Keyword Position Before Searchbloom Position With Searchbloom Monthly Volume Est Traffic Increase
Survival Gear 2 1 27,000 3000 Per Month
Survival Tools 52 1 4,000 1500 Per Month
Survivalist Gear 46 1 2,000 600 Per Month
Survival Supplies 17 1 1,300 500 Per Month
Survival Equipment 100+ 1 1,100 400 Per Month
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They have a strong team that gets things done and moves quickly.

The website helped the company change business models and generated more traffic. SearchBloom went above and beyond by creating extra content to help drive traffic to the site. They are strong communicators and give creative alternative solutions to problems.
Mackenzie Hill
Mackenzie HillFounder, Lumibloom