Apparel and T Shirt Ecommerce SEO Case Study

78.1% Increase in Keywords Ranking Position #1-3

About our Partner

Who They Are

Our partner is a t-shirt and blank apparel company specializing in bulk orders. Operating in a highly competitive digital landscape, they are trusted by over 500,000 customers to provide the most affordable blank apparel. Providing for businesses, schools, sports teams, and individuals, our partner focuses on providing the best service for any bulk apparel needs. 

What They Do

Our partner makes it simple to order blank apparel for wholesale prices while providing the highest level of service. With easy bulk purchase calculations, quick checkouts, and simple shipping, our partner stands out as a top wholesaler in their industry. Our partner specializes in brands such as Gildan, Bella Canvas, Next Level, Jerzees, and beyond.

The Problem

Our partner struggled to win in highly competitive SERPs due to their low Domain Authority and relevancy across priority pages. Many pages had thin content, resulting in low relevancy scores, holding their SERP performance back. High-priority pages were not fully optimized, and needed multiple rounds of A/B testing to reach the optimal content setup for ranking in competitive SERPs.

Additionally, crawl budget and authority were not spread optimally due to an excess of non-www URLs and trailing slash issues. Many pages had duplicate or missing meta descriptions and title tags.


The Solution

Understanding the partner's goals and the improvements that needed to be made on their site, the Searchbloom team dove into the work with a clear and prioritized action plan.
The Searchbloom team set the strategy with a three-tiered approach incorporating our methodology; Authority, Relevancy, and Technology (A.R.T.).

To build the authority needed to compete, Searchbloom employed several link acquisition tactics to help create a well-rounded and diverse backlink portfolio.

  • Searchbloom performed a website acquisition strategy, quickly bringing much-needed domain authority to our partner’s site and immediately boosting rankings.
  • With our authority gap audit, which identifies the gap between referring domains from primary competitors, Searchbloom developed outreach targets and began performing custom outreach to bloggers, contributors, publishers, etc. to target URLs, including the root domain, category pages, and blog posts.
  • Searchbloom focused on acquiring extremely high DR links from well-known publishers such as,, and many more.
  • We audited our partner’s toxic links, removing any high-toxicity backlinks and possibly holding back our partner’s domain authority.

The Searchbloom team improved the relevance of our partner’s site by implementing the following:

  • Searchbloom performed Page Level Optimizations (PLOs), iteratively testing incremental and significant changes while tracking the results of each granular change.
  • Because the content was thin on most URLs, Searchbloom developed content for the most critical pages, increasing relevancy and reaching competitive word count levels.
  • Our keyword research and competitive analysis found many URLs were close to ranking on the first page but lacked relevant titles, descriptions, and headings. We crawled the website and reviewed GSC as part of any SEO campaign. Beginning with the highest priority pages, we started A/B testing titles, meta-descriptions, content, and other SEO factors while inching closer to #1 for high-difficulty keywords.

The team at Searchbloom took an in-depth look at every aspect of their site and offered recommendations on improving functionality and efficiency.

  • Searchbloom audited the presence of non-www URLs, ensuring the proper redirects were in place to save crawl budget and distribution of authority.
  • We performed the same for trailing slash issues, ensuring proper redirects were set up for a consistent URL structure across the site.
  • Many other technical SEO improvements were made, such as image compression, XML sitemap audits, redirect chain audits, structured data, etc.
  • Performed a 4xx Audit, Orphan Page Audit, and a Zombie Page Audit to remove superfluous pages and increase site health and user experience.

The Results

Combining efforts, our team hit our partner’s ultimate goal of reaching the #1 spot for “Wholesale T Shirts” while increasing their estimated traffic by 117.7%. Along the way, we achieved high SERP positions for priority keywords with large monthly volumes, increasing keywords ranking #1-3 by 78.1%.

Metric Before Searchbloom With Searchbloom Difference
Total Organic Keywords 24,667 35,795 45.2%
Est. Monthly Organic Traffic 17,636 38,390 117.7%
Organic Keywords ranking #1–3 812 1446 78.1%
Organic Keywords ranking #4-10 2,621 4253 62.3%
Organic Keywords ranking #11-100 21,107 31,994 51.6%


Keyword Before Searchbloom With Searchbloom Monthly Volume
Wholesale T Shirts #17 #1
Polyester Shirts #3 #1
Bulk T Shirts #95 #2
Bulk Apparel #53 #2
Blank T Shirts #100+ #2
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They have a strong team that gets things done and moves quickly.

The website helped the company change business models and generated more traffic. SearchBloom went above and beyond by creating extra content to help drive traffic to the site. They are strong communicators and give creative alternative solutions to problems.
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