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About our Partner

Who They Are

Our partner is a consumer firewood supplier specializing in kiln-dried firewood. Operating in a highly competitive local area, they are trusted by customers to provide the highest quality wood for firepits, cooking, and pizza ovens. Delivering nationally and to the Atlanta and Birmingham metro areas, our partner is growing quickly while supplying the best firewood on the market. 

What They Do

Our partner makes it simple to order high-quality firewood, cooking wood, and pizza wood while providing the highest level of service. With an excellent selection, quick checkouts, and simple shipping, our partner stands out as a top supplier in their industry. Our partner specializes in kiln-dried firewood, which lights instantly, is bug and disease-free, and produces 35-45% less smoke than alternative woods.

The Problem

Our partner struggled to win in SERPs due to their low domain authority and lack of relevant pages for hyper-local “near me” searches. Because they deliver locally and nationally, our partner came to us to optimize for local and national results, first focusing on local. We knew our partner would need a higher domain rating to compete on a national stage, so we began developing links immediately.

The Solution

Understanding the partner's goals and the improvements that needed to be made on their site, the Searchbloom team dove into the work with a clear and prioritized action plan.
The Searchbloom team set the strategy with a three-tiered approach incorporating our methodology; Authority, Relevancy, and Technology (A.R.T.).

To build the authority needed to compete, Searchbloom employed several link acquisition tactics to help create a well-rounded and diverse backlink portfolio.

  • Searchbloom focused on acquiring high authority links from well-known publishers.
  • We audited our partner’s toxic links, removing any high-toxicity backlinks and possibly holding back our partner’s domain authority.

The Searchbloom team improved the relevance of our partner’s site by implementing the following:

  • Searchbloom provided specific and targeted Page Level Optimizations for high priority pages, improving on-page SEO and User Experience.
  • Searchbloom audited and rewrote Title Tags, Meta descriptions, and H1s where needed across the site for maximum optimization on target keywords.
  • Searchbloom created a “City Page” strategy for targeting niche areas and with optimized content and dedicated pages

The team at Searchbloom took an in-depth look at every aspect of their site and offered recommendations on improving functionality and efficiency.

  • Searchbloom completed a redirect map, index audit, and site speed investigation to assist in the launch of our partner’s new website.
  • Searchbloom guided our partner through setting up the necessary structured data to increase rankings for rich results.
  • Searchbloom used the Index API to ensure the new site was indexed upon launch.

The Results

Combining efforts, our team hit our partner’s ultimate goal of reaching the #1 spot for “Kiln Dried Firewood” and “Firewood Atlanta”  while increasing their traffic by 44%.


Keyword Before Searchbloom With Searchbloom Monthly Volume
Kiln Dried Firewood #14 #1
Firewood Atlanta #6 #1
Wood Delivery #12 #1
Atlanta Firewood #3 #1
Kiln Dried Firewood Atlanta #3 #1
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They have a strong team that gets things done and moves quickly.

The website helped the company change business models and generated more traffic. SearchBloom went above and beyond by creating extra content to help drive traffic to the site. They are strong communicators and give creative alternative solutions to problems.
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