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About our Partner

Who They Are

Easy Climber is the leading direct marketer of innovative mobility solutions & products for seniors and individuals suffering from illness or injuries in the United States.

What They Do

Our partner sells and installs lift chairs and elevators in the homes of seniors or individuals with ailments or injuries. Their products provide the freedom and safety to the homeowners to access all floors of their homes.

The Problem

Prior to partnering with Searchbloom, firstSTREET® (the parent company of Easy Climber) was competing to rank in the space of stairlifts and home elevators. The online landscape was very competitive and our partner wasn’t able to contend with some of the industry leaders like Stiltz Homelift, Acorn Stairlifts, and Stannah Stairlifts. This is when they decided to create EasyClimber.com, a micro-site with highly relevant content that will help them stand out in the search engine result pages.
The site was built with outdated technology and was not properly optimized. Additionally, because it was a brand new site, it didn’t have a strong backlink portfolio. As a result, the site did not obtain the results they were hoping for. This is when they decided to reach out to Searchbloom.

The Solution

At Searchbloom, we approach every SEO campaign with our three-tiered strategy; Authority, Relevancy, and Technology (A.R.T.). To help them get on track to compete, we analyzed their website, backlinks, and competitors. From there, we crafted a roadmap specific to their situation.

  •  Developed a Custom Backlink Strategy
  •  Assisted in Creating a Natural & Authoritative Backlink Portfolio
  •  Acquired Industry Specific, Relevant, Backlinks
  •  Internal Link Audit to Improve the Flow of Link Equity on the Site
  •  Competitive Research and Keyword Research
  •  Content Optimization – Including Titles, Descriptions, Headers, and Page Copy.
  •  Provided Recommendations for New On-Site Content
  •  Blog Content Structure & Topic Recommendations.
  •  Site Speed Optimization
  •  Mobile Responsive Implementation
  •  Site Structure Improvements
  •  URL Hierarchy
  • Content Silo Structure Optimization
  •  Image Compression & Tagging
  •  Structured Data Improvement
  •  Improved & Minified Code Files

The Results

Before Searchbloom implemented their custom strategy, the site was not ranking for any of their 35 targeted keywords. As we implemented different parts of our strategy, we began to see movement in their rankings.
Over the course of our partnership with them starting April 2017, we were able to get all but one of their 35 priority keywords ranking in the top 3 spots within a year. We were also able to increase the number of keywords ranking on the first page from 763 to almost 1800 within two years.
With their site being found for more relevant keywords, they saw more traffic coming into their site with an increase of 238% in organic sessions over the next 2 years. And because they had implemented our relevancy recommendations, the traffic coming in was more qualified, resulting in more conversions.

Metric/Period Apr 2017 Apr 2018 Apr 2019 % Increased
Keywords in Spots #1-3 390 625 877 125%
Keywords on Page 1 763 1412 1794 135%
Referring Domains 148 369 564 281%
Referring Pages 540 1147 2165 301%
Organic Sessions 5260 11840 17792 238%
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Searchbloom outranked national brands and increased our partners #1 rankings by 135%! Check out this National SEO Case Study Now! Easy Climber
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They have a strong team that gets things done and moves quickly.

The website helped the company change business models and generated more traffic. SearchBloom went above and beyond by creating extra content to help drive traffic to the site. They are strong communicators and give creative alternative solutions to problems.
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