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161% Increase in Revenue

About Our Partner

Who They Are

Our partner is an American-owned and operated premium Outdoor Sporting Goods Company that provides bushcraft and outdoor self-reliance gear. They provide over 500 high-quality products designed to help outdoor enthusiasts find their niche in the great outdoors

What They Do

Our partner provides the equipment and knowledge for the modern outdoor enthusiast. Their products include camping gear, hunting gear, survival knives, and apparel. They also host survival and specialty classes and provide survival guides and booklets.

The Problem

Before they worked with Searchbloom, Our partner had never worked with another agency for their paid media. Their revenue and sales volume had plateaued, and the brand wanted to increase these measurements through Search Engine Marketing – specifically paid media. They ran their own Facebook Ad campaigns 5 years prior to their engagement with Searchbloom, but unfortunately experienced policy issues that blacklisted their account.

The Solution

Searchbloom began with a diagnosis of the Facebook policy issues. The issue boiled down to them having potentially harmful objects (knives and other sharp products) that could not be advertised on Facebook. Searchbloom’s team resolved this issue by reducing the catalog of products offered on Facebook’s advertising platform. With the blacklist status removed, our team built prospecting audiences, remarketing audiences, and created a Facebook Shop to provide an Organic storefront for followers of the Page.

Our team also leveraged our proven method A.C.E (Assets, Control, Experimentation), as explained below:

  • Built memorable ads to appeal to both current and potential customers
  • Created original content that strengthened product offerings
  • Built a Facebook Shop to organically showcase products to Page followers
  • Improved previous audience targeting
  • Aggregated events to optimize event tracking
  • Tested our prospecting campaign against a controlled audience
  • Conducted ad A/B testing using ad-set level budgets to ensure a 50/50 split


The results below are provided with permission from the brand, and are for the 2021 calendar year.” Our engagement began in February of 2021. Q1 and Q2 were solid quarters for both revenue and ROAS. This was achieved through the policy resolutions discussed above, as well as an adherence to Searchbloom’s internal best practices.

Q3 began strong but saw a sharp downturn due to Apple’s iOS 14 policy changes. Initially, our efforts grew steadily into Q3 with a strong ROAS. When Facebook users downloaded iOS 14, they were given the option to opt-out of being tracked from app to website. The result is that our ability to track sales attribution and ad success took a hit. Despite this change, our proactive approach helped account for the loss in tracking ability.

In Q4, we started to utilize Google Ads in our advertising channels to capture even more traffic and revenue. That’s when we saw a 161% increase in revenue in comparison with when we had begun the campaign in Q1 2021.

Year 2021 Spend Purchases Revenue ROAS
Q1 $1,966.29 1,034 $81,939.40 41.67
Q2 $4,428.00 1,373 $112,794.72 25.47
(iOS 14 changes)
$4,419.93 916 $69,038.54 15.61
Q4 $8,614.49 2,093 $213,717.45 24.80
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Searchbloom achieved 161% increase in revenue over a year. Check out this Paid Media Case Study Now! Self Reliance Outfitters
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They have a strong team that gets things done and moves quickly.

The website helped the company change business models and generated more traffic. SearchBloom went above and beyond by creating extra content to help drive traffic to the site. They are strong communicators and give creative alternative solutions to problems.
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