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In Las Vegas, it’s all about the glitz and the glam. That fact holds true not just for our local hospitality industry, but any business large or small. At least that’s the perception…

Las Vegas Seo Services

Observing the Mass Exodus to the Online Marketplace

The days of swaying shoppers through elaborate storefronts seem to quickly be coming to an end. Dramatically decreased customer acquisition costs and increased mass availability has contributed to an ever-growing mad dash over to online marketing in the business world. Today’s window shoppers aren’t going out and walking down Main Street to see what’s out there; they’re sitting down at their desktops or pulling out there cell phones while on the bus or at the dentist’s office and doing Internet searches. This has expanded their reach far beyond the products and services offers in their local areas, allowing them to bargain shop with unprecedented ease and the welcome lack of in-person pressure.

What does this mean for you and your business? It depends: if you’ve already firmly established yourself in the online marketplace, you’re at least on the right path. Yet having a website isn’t enough. You’ve now entered into a world that’s even more saturated with competition in your space. Your next step is to begin to employ the Las Vegas SEO strategies that we here at Search Bloom have to offer.

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What is Las Vegas Seo

SEO is The Solution You’ve Been Searching For

Search engine optimization may be a relatively new concept, but enough press has been generated surrounding it in the recent years that you likely know a little bit about it. Basically, it involves trying to guess what potential customers may be looking for when they take to the Internet looking for goods and services, right? Such an assumption may put you on the right track to understanding the basic concept of SEO, yet still leave you far from seeing exactly how it benefits your business. Fortunately, we here at Search Bloom are happy to provide you with that perspective.

Yes, understanding the keywords and phrases that customers use is important to succeeding with your Las Vegas SEO campaign. Why? Because information shared by the Search Engine Journal shows that online customers ignore up to 80 percent of all paid online ads. Contrast that to the fact that information shared by shows that there are over 10.5 billion Internet searches conducted each month in the U.S. alone. This represents a potentially massive customer base. Indeed, Outbrain reports that the #1 driver of web traffic to sites is organic search results. Thus, if you want to your website to be at the top of those searches, optimizing your content with the right key phrases is vital.

Understanding why requires that you first comprehend how the search engine process works:

  • First, a person enters a phrase into a search engine (examples may include “auto mechanics in Las Vegas,” “Taylor Swift concert tickets,” or “When to replace a roof.”)
  • The search engine utilizes computer programs known as “web crawlers” or “spiders” to search the Internet for web sites with content related to that phrase. The spiders actually read the content of various web pages and then index them according to their relevance.
  • Based upon that indexing, the search engine then assigns each site an individual ranking, and then displays each site in accordance with its rank on the search engine result page.

How important is it to have one of the first spots on a SERP? Statistics shared by Intraspin show that 42 percent of users click on the first result, while only 8 percent proceed to the second. The volume of visitors to subsequent links decreases exponentially thereafter.

Las Vegas Search Engine Marketing Services

Looking Beyond the Keyword

The key to landing that coveted spot atop the SERP requires more than just an understanding of relevant keywords and phrases; you also need to know where to place them within your content in order for web crawlers to easily spot them. One place is the title. Look no further than the title of this very page, which combines the keyword “SEO” with the geographical tag of “Las Vegas.” Another good place to put your keywords and phrases is in headers. Why does doing this help garner you a higher ranking? Because the harder a web crawler or spider has to look for a content that matches the search phrase, the less relevance it attaches to it.

Keyword optimization isn’t the only element to consider when analyzing your Las Vegas SEO strategies. If several other relevant pages link directly to your site, you are seen by a search engine as a subject matter expert and given a higher ranking. Contributing opinion columns or blogs to other web pages, or entering into link exchange agreements with providers of products or services related to yours can increase your web crawler appeal in this way.

All of this adds up to increased exposure and a higher ROI generated by the Las Vegas SEO services that we at Search Bloom offer. Through keyword research, local SEO citations and off-site optimization, we’re able to ensure that your SEO efforts are dynamic and effective.

Take your marketing to the next level

Our Full Array of Online Marketing Services

Our Las Vegas SEO services represent just a portion of the online marketing solutions that we offer. Site optimization, pay-per-click services and social media marketing are all elements that will help support your SEO campaign. Additional services such as mapping placement along with software and technology upgrades allow us to help place you at the cutting edge of your industry. It doesn’t matter how large or small your company may be. Relying on SEO to generate higher traffic volumes allows you to optimize your advertising dollars.

While you may not realize it right now, you’re losing ground in the online marketplace if you haven’t looked into optimizing your digital marketing strategies. The good news is that ground can be easily made up, provided that you have the right Las Vegas SEO company to help lead you through the often turbulent waters of the online advertising world. We at Search Bloom offer the experience and expertise needed to both literally and figuratively put your business back on the digital map. Through our tried and tested Las Vegas SEO strategies and the many other support services that we offer, your online marketing efforts can end up paying untold dividends. To find out more, just call us at 702-357-3113.