Portland SEO Services

Portland SEO Services

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If you’ve been noticing a steady decline in visitors at your store, it’s likely due to the provider saturation that’s been occurring in your industry. This fact may puzzle you given that you likely haven’t noticed a marked increase in the number of competing companies popping up in your local area. That’s because many of the providers you’re competing with today aren’t stealing your customers away with their impressive storefronts. Rather, they’re doing it with their websites.

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What is Portland SEO

Where Is All This Competition Coming From?

Is this trend unique to your line of work? Not at all. All markets are witnessing an accelerated exodus to the digital world. Whereas in the past you only had to worry about keeping up with those businesses operating in your same general area, today countless companies are expanding their service areas to the regional level thanks to the extended reach that online marketing offers. This encroachment into your area threatens to erode your current customer base. Thus, while standard marketing strategies are still needed in order to bring customers into your brick-and-mortar location, local SEO must now also be an essential tool in your advertising arsenal.

The good news is that in the online marketplace, everyone is allowed to be on equal footing. This lets you not only compete with companies your same size, but with larger, big box providers, as well. (we beat big box chains asses all day) Everyone’s website is limited to same screen size and can be enhanced using the same web development tools. Yet a well-functioning, user-friendly site doesn’t guarantee you success in rankings. It is just one part of 250+! To earn that coveted 1st page ranking, you’ve got to outsmart your competition in finding and converting new customers. That’s where we at Searchbloom come in, and completely blow out the competition. It’s not a matter of (if) we generate qualified business, the real question is: are you prepared for scale and handle this new business?


Let SEO Push Your Site to the Top of Search Engine Rankings

We offer proven and effective (think of how you found us) Portland SEO services that will help more online consumers see what you have to offer. What is SEO? It stands for search engine optimization. It involves the careful analysis of the keywords and phrases that customers looking for products and services in your space are using when they conduct internet searches. Armed with that information, we then help you to create content using those terms. Such content is more likely to be identified first by search engines, which will then return your website at or near the top of the list when search results are displayed. Being among the top search results is vital, given that according to Search Engine Journal, 75 percent of online consumers never get past the first page of results. (that’s the simple version lol)

How can using the SEO services that we offer improve your placement in search engine results? It’s simple: say you own a landscaping company. You already know that one key phrase that potential clients will use when searching for your services is “landscaping.” Thus, you’ll want to include the word “landscaping” throughout your content so that web crawlers will know to investigate your page when a search is conducted.

Yet think of the many landscaping companies are out there. An online consumer in Portland doesn’t what to see results from Chicago. Therefore, he or she will likely search for “landscaping services in Portland.” (We call this ‘long tail keywords’) by incorporating the right keywords into your content you are one step closer to improving your search engine rankings. The trick to improving your ranking is anticipating exactly what potential customers are looking for, or even creating the demand for a specific keyword via another internet marketing channel. Imagine a local business needs full landscaping services for their office grounds. Whomever is looking to find a local provider is likely to use the term “business landscaping services” in their search.

Back-End Analysis to Help Boost SEO Performance

As you can see, your list of to-do’s in achieving success with your SEO is getting rather lengthy. But here is some more, because you’re gonna need it. One key is understanding what your target clients/customers need, as well as when they need it. Much of that understanding comes from you and your experience. The rest of it comes from us. We employ advanced analytical tools to monitor both the performance of your individual SEO efforts as well as online trends within your space. The benefit of this analysis is two-fold: first, it allows you to see exactly which keywords and phrases are the best at bringing in customers to your site, and which are not generating any traffic at all. Next, we’re able to compare your content against that of other providers in your industry that are also employing Portland SEO strategies. All of this analysis serves to make your SEO incredibly dynamic, constantly being updated in accordance with what our data shows to be most effective.

Back-End Analysis to Help Boost SEO Performance

Now, this may sound wonderful in theory, but how effective have the SEO services that we offer shown themselves to be in the real world? Pretty freaking awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Ask us for references, and look at Data shared by 3rd parties like Marketing Sherpa suggests that SEO offers a nearly 70 percent return-on-investment for both product and service sites. The Search Engine Journal reports that traffic generated by organic search (SEO) produces a 14.6 percent close rate, compared to the 1.7 percent rate resulting from mail or print advertising.

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Our Wide Range of Online Marketing Services

It’s important to understand, however, that SEO is just one of the many online marketing strategies that can be used to benefit you and your company. At Search Bloom, we offer a full range of services to complement your Portland SEO, including:

  • Pay-Per-Click advertising
  • Social medial marketing
  • Page optimization services
  • Placement on local mapping services
  • Upgrades to your current software and technology

No matter the size and scope of your company, these services performed in conjunction with proven Portland SEO strategies will help get the most out of your advertising dollars.

The days of relying on a loyal local clientele to support your business are long gone. Today, you’ve got to put your company out in front of as many eyes as possible (a difficult feat given the number of competitors that you’re dealing with). Utilizing effective SEO strategies can turn such an idea into a reality, yet only if you the right Portland SEO company on your side. With years of experience in helping clients similar to you find success in the digital marketplace, we at Search Bloom can be that partner for you. To learn more about our Portland SEO services, call us at 503-678-9778.