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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising and marketing is growing at incredible rates, because of its ease of use and opportunity for success. Essentially, you’re paying for the opportunity to target your ideal customers through strategically placed ads with key information about their search terms and habits. It’s never been easier to influence consumer decisions, encourage more site visits, and boost revenue through effective Pay Per Click marketing. In fact, there are many types of campaigns for you to choose from and you can create a specific marketing campaign that best targets your ideal client. We manage bid rates, placements, average position, etc. to ensure that your budget is being used effectively and yielding the highest success rates.

The ability to target specific clientele and optimize success through search terms and categories is quite appealing, though you’ve probably found it to be a little harder than it looks! Our dedicated analysts offer consistency, and vision to your PPC. We provide more than just an edge, we can make this highly profitable for your business.

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Here is what you need to know about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) from our founder:

  • 1 This is usually not an overnight success type of deal.
  • 2 Pay-Per-Click is something that requires an experienced PPC analyst and data.
  • 3 In order to get the required data, you MUST spend money.
  • 4 The velocity with which you can obtain statistical significance is directly connected to the amount of money you spend per day. (In other words, the higher your Adspend the faster we can obtain the data necessary to properly optimize your campaigns.)
  • 5 Industry and your target geographic location is big in terms of required budget
  • 6 If you are in a market that is already heavily saturated in Adwords your average CPC is a good indicator of whether PPC is a good fit or not.
  • 7 It is really quick/simple to find out if PPC is a good fit, just talk with a Searchbloom Rep and they will break it down and let you know if it makes sense for your business. If it is not a good fit, there may be other channels that would be.
  • 8 A business owner can’t do this on their own. As a business owner, I know that I have way too much on my plate to commit 10-20 hrs a month optimizing bids, testing ad copy, and regularly adding keyword opportunities. (And I know how to manage PPC very well) If I can’t do it, chances are you could use some help too. Our PPC team manages the Searchbloom Adwords account so that I; as the owner don’t have to. BTW, I’m super happy with my Cost per Lead metrics.
  • 9 If Searchbloom recommends PPC, it is because we have analyzed the data and know we can provide a healthy ROI. Give us a call, and we’ll provide a free consultation.

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How do you Manage PPC campaigns?

Select from a variety of campaign types in order to create a structure that fits your needs and budget. We’ll set up everything with an optimized Adwords campaign strategy that’s ready for success.

  • Search Ads. This method collects data and optimizes bids so that your information is put in front of potential customers at the perfect time when they’re using search engines! Managing bids requires insight and skill, taking into account the user’s device, time, geographic location, and search intent for the highest level of match types. With a high average position, it’s possible to improve your impressions and click-through rates and we will work to improve your ad copy and keywords along the way so that your ads are always performing at the highest level.
  • Display Ads. Give your business and sales pitch a face with display advertising that puts targeted display ads in front of potential customers. Whether you’re using rich text, photos, or videos, it is possible to use display ads to target your ideal customer category with cohort analysis, managed placement options, and information optimization. We also feature manual bid optimization to better control the cost of your campaign and set it up for the highest level of success.
  • Remarketing or retargeting Pay Per Click campaigns are specifically designed to target customers who are likely to convert. This is accomplished by lining up details about the customer’s search history, location, device, and personal details within the parameters of your own campaign like your keywords, for example. It’s all about making your bids count and directing your advertisements toward customers who are actively interested in what you have to offer with the power to boost your conversion rates and increase revenue.
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. This specific type of Per Per Click remarketing also uses cookies and targeted keywords to find and persuade potential customers. The audience for remarketing is limited, however, only to those who have previously visited your site so that your rates of conversion have the potential to be quite high with the right keywords and ad copy. When they search for a related item according to your selected keywords, you can place your advertising in front of them, reminding them that you have the exact product that they’re looking for.
  • Google Shopping. This campaign type lives under several different titles as Product Listing Ads (PLA) and marketing in the Google Merchant Center. Basically, this Pay Per Click advertising solution puts your ad copy in front of customers when they search for a particular product through Google’s Shopping search system. Google Shopping works in much the same way as the other Pay Per Click campaigns as you are matched with customers according to your keywords and campaign parameters and then bid on your placement in front of them. There is a lot of opportunity for high sales conversions here as the customers are actively searching with the intent to buy.
PPC Management Services turn traffic into revenue

Why do I need PPC Management?

Pay Per Click advertising gives you the opportunity to purchase top positions in search engines and social media in order to get your message across to potential customers. You’re not only taking charge and being proactive about driving traffic to your site, but you’re also engaging in savvy, innovative tactics to target specific customers and bring your ideal clientele through your virtual or business doors. The issue for traditional marketers is that it takes years to master PPC. Our professional analysts take the time to learn your business model and go to work with their amazing PPC management skills.

PPC Management turn clicks into revenue

Who benefits from PPC?

Pay Per Click is a complimentary solution for anyone who is also using Search Engine Optimization to raise search rankings but it’s an especially lucrative option for small or new businesses and those who face lots of very similar competition in the marketplace. We can make use of even the smallest budgets and ensure that our Pay Per Click advertising campaigns outperform the standard results with high yields and conversion rates that matter.

Here is a breakdown of what we do:

  • Adwords Account Setup
    Adwords Account Setup
  • Verify KPI & Set Targeting
    Verify KPI & Set Targeting
  • Strategically Choose Campaign Types
    Strategically Choose Campaign Types
  • setup conversion tracking
    Setup Conversion Tracking
  • Setup Call Tracking
    Setup Call Tracking
  • Develop Campaign Structure
    Develop Campaign Structure
  • Setup Budget Allocation
    Setup Budget Allocation
  • Campaign Name Configuration
    Campaign Name Configuration
  • Locations Targeting
    Locations & Targeting
  • Language Targeting
    Language Targeting
  • Bidding & Budget
    Bidding & Budget
  • Delivery Method
    Delivery Method
  • Ad Scheduling
    Ad Scheduling
  • ads rotation
    Ad Rotation
  • Device Targeting
    Device Targeting
  • Adgroup Development
    Adgroup Development
  • keywords-research
    Keyword Research
  • Ad Extensions
    Ad Extensions
  • sitelinks-extensions
    Sitelink Extensions
  • Call Extensions
    Call Extensions
  • Review Extensions
    Review Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
    Callout Extensions
  • Ad Creation
    Ad Creation
  • Ad Evaluation
    Ad Evaluation
  • Ad Testing
    Ad Testing
  • Mobile Ads
    Mobile Ads
  • Ad copy Call to Action
    Ad copy Call to Action
  • Image Ad Creation
    Image Ad Creation
  • Destination URL Tracking
    Destination URL Tracking
  • Google Analytics Sync
    Google Analytics Sync
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
    Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Search Query Report Monitoring
    Search Query Report Monitoring
  • Negative Keyword Implementation
    Negative Keyword Implementation
  • Match Type Structure
    Match Type Structure
  • Display Network Structure
    Display Network Placements
  • Display Network Topics and Interests
    Display Network Topics & Interests


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