50% Increase in YoY Revenue

About Our Partner

Who They Are

In 1988, Don Bermant founded the parent company of this premium seed company near Salt Lake City, Utah. His vision: to reclaim and restore lands damaged by mining, drilling, wildfires, floods, and other erosion events throughout the West.

What They Do

This an ecommerce store that offers premium quality lawn, wildflower, pasture, and specialty seeds direct to consumers for cases of erosion, wildfire damage or other natural disasters to homeowners, state government agencies, corporations, etc.

The Problem

After working with their team for years, both the partner and us noticed there is a layer of data missing. We were achieving our goal of 1000% ROAS on every campaign but the manual processing of determining how much profit was coming from our efforts took too much resources for either team to determine effectively, given the number of products and changing margins. 

We also knew that 1000% ROAS targets were likely too much for some products, knowing that overall we were likely leaving some sales on the table with too conservative of bid strategies.

The Solution

Implementing a POAS based bid strategy (profit-on-adspend) was the solution. Utilizing a special software developed in Denmark, we integrated it with the Partner backend as well as Google Ads, automatically feeding Google profit data and not just revenue data. Our POAS strategy has the following advantages:


  • Increased ROI – This systematic approach streamlines our PPC optimizations and gives us real-time profit numbers to make changes with. We find this is a better way to measure ROI rather than getting revenue numbers, subtracting margins and costs, then figuring out if the ROAS we’re hitting and the optimizations we’re making are profitable.
  • Scales the winners - Not all products have the same margins. By utilizing POAS, we’re able to sell more of the products that are making you the most money and stop promoting the products that lose money or make less profit, all in real-time, without the need for crunching the numbers on the back-end.
  • Enriches bidding algorithms -  POAS targeting automatically enriches the algorithms with profit data to help them find the most profitable customers and order combinations.​ We set target goals in paid ads based on profit, instead of revenue.

Our team also leveraged our proven method A.C.E (Assets, Control, Experimentation), as explained below:

  • Implemented new POAS tracking system
  • Launched new campaigns with new bid strategies
  • Observed, maintained, and updated POAS software to ensure accurate margin data
  • Changed conversion actions completely to reflect profit
  • Adjusted POAS targets throughout busy and slow seasons to reach higher revenues and more effective spend
  • Tested different campaign types (including Performance Max) to see how effective they are with new conversion actions


Keeping in mind that we had thoroughly optimized our campaigns for years, to see an increase in the double-digits like this is unheard of, unexpected, and very exciting.

Q1 2023 84% increase in revenue
Q2 2023 98% increase in revenue
Q3 2023 10% increase in revenue
Q4 2023 37% increase in revenue
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