Tea House Ecommerce SEO Case Study

190% Increase in Page One Rankings

About our Partner

Who They Are

Our partner is a tea house who specializes in providing premium quality loose leaf tea varieties. They have dozens of teas and specialty drinks available in their three storefronts as well as online through their website.

What They Do

This partner provides several options for tea drinkers, specifically in terms of loose leaf tea and cold brew tea. They offer green tea, black tea, and herbal tea, and more, as well as tea accessories such as tumblers and pots.

The Problem

This partner had never made dedicated SEO efforts prior to partnering with Searchbloom. They are a local business, but they wanted to expand their reach online and capture a larger audience.

This ecommerce tea store came in with humble organic traffic numbers and modest keyword rankings. Ultimately they wanted to ramp up their online presence and continue growing their business.

The Solution

The solution was to implement fundamental, verified methods of optimization for successful organic search performance. After analyzing their website and product offerings, Searchbloom conducted thorough keyword research and began implementing optimized title tags, meta descriptions, and H1s on the relevant key pages of the site.

In less than two weeks after implementing new metadata there were clear increases in keyword rankings, including many new keywords that they did not previously rank for. After 3 months, many more metadata optimizations, a lot of new copy for important pages, and introducing a product filter functionality for users, keywords ranking in the top 10 nearly tripled (190% increase) and keywords on page two saw a 400% increase.

To help improve our partners’ authority online, Searchbloom performed focused and strategic link acquisition. Within three months we acquired 10 backlinks from relevant websites with higher domain ratings and authority, pointing back to their website. Searchbloom also built several local business citations to help give stronger local SEO signals.

Searchbloom implemented new title tags and meta descriptions for about 55 pages over the course of the campaign, as well as several optimized H1 heading tags.

We suggested that they have unique category pages for each type of tea (green tea, black tea, white tea, etc.) and that we write unique content for each page, targeting the specific topics and keywords related to the page. After performing competitive analysis and keyword research, new optimized copy was implemented for approximately 8 new tea category pages.

Searchbloom conducted numerous audits to help us understand the current state of their technical SEO, and to identify and prioritize issues to resolve. Those include a broken link audit, a toxic link audit, an anchor text audit, a global structured data audit, and an orphaned page audit. The broken link audit revealed that there were 2,852 links that were pointing to some broken pages on their website. Searchbloom redirected those broken pages, and reclaimed the value of those 2,852 links! The anchor text audit broke down the anchor text distribution of their backlink profile and helped us identify areas of improvement. In this case it clarified that they needed more exact keywords or keyword phrase anchor text, which we applied to our link acquisition strategy.

The Results

As early as one month into the campaign the partner started seeing noticeable improvements in keyword rankings, keyword count, and impressions in search results. After three and a half months there were significant improvements all around, most notably with the number of keywords they were ranking for in the top 20 positions. There were also improvements in organic traffic and even in sales coming through, which can often take much longer to manifest.

Metric Before Searchbloom With Searchbloom Difference
Keywords ranking 1-3 14 34 +143%
Keywords ranking 4-10 53 160 +200%
Keywords ranking 11-20 71 360 +407%
Shopify search traffic Sessions 6,500 7,600 +17%
Shopify search traffic Sales $8,700 $11,000 +26%

When looking at a three-month time span year-over-year in Google Search Console, the increase in clicks and impressions is clear. This increase is directly correlated to the SEO work that was performed in that time span.

Metric 2022 2023 % Change
Clicks 3,660 4,640 +26.7%
Impressions 103,000 250,000 +143%
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