Should you use “Google Search” Or “Google Display for your Business?

Take this short quiz and get an immediate score on how useful Google AdWords for keyword research and Google’s Display Network will be for your business. This quiz will also help you determine how much priority you should place on AdWords compared to other advertising tools.

1) True or False: My ideal customers are generally very enthusiastic and have been drawn to my offerings for a while.

Somewhat True

2) Which of these buying patterns are associated with your product(s)?

People generally only need to buy my product in very specific intervals or circumstances.
People in specific groups within a wide array of circumstances will probably be drawn to buy my product.
People with no prior knowledge or background on my product will still likely buy it once they see it.

3) True or False: While people are searching for my type of product, only a very small subgroup actually buy my specific product. Most people in my market are buying or selling something different.

Somewhat True

4) True or False: People buying my product were looking for something different, but I convinced them to buy my product instead.


5) Which Description best describes your product(s)?

You can buy my exact product or something very similar at a big box store, such as Target or Best Buy.
A few stores and specialty websites sell my product or something similar.
My product is different than most, but I still compete with large brands.
My product is very different from any other product out there. It’s difficult for consumers to price shop.

6) True or False: People often search for my product or offering on their mobile devices?

Somewhat True

7) Which description best describes your experience when explaining your brand and products?

Every household owns product(s) like the one I sell
The average consumer understands what I sell when I explain it to them.
Only a very niche subset understands my product, usually specific to an industry.
Only a very niche subset understands my product, usually specific to an industry

8) Which description best represents your customers?

Local (City)
Regional (State)

9) Would it be practical in your business to give away something free to a potential customer on their first visit to your site? (ebook, software, DVD, membership etc.)?


10) My Monthly AdWords Spend Is

Less than $500
$500 to $5000
$5000 and up